Brussels, 14 June 2021

Margareta Van Raemdonck follows Richard Landl as ECSWE President
Following the death of its former President Richard Landl on 22 May 2021, the ECSWE Board has changed its configuration until the next board elections in Spring 2022

Dur­ing the Gen­er­al Assem­bly on 14 June 2021, the remain­ing Board mem­bers announced their inten­tion to con­tin­ue as a group of four. Fol­low­ing the Board­’s deci­sion of 11 June 2021, Board mem­bers will con­tin­ue their work in the fol­low­ing roles:

  • Mar­gare­ta Van Raem­don­ck takes on the role of President;
  • Pia Pale takes on the role of Secretary;
  • Fred­erikke Lars­son con­tin­ues as Treasurer;
  • Iztok Kordiš con­tin­ues as Vice-President;

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Georg Jürgens