Brussel, 20 April 2022

Financial report 2021: 200,119 € spent on projects and activities
Due to an increased level of activity in 2021, ECSWE closes the financial year 2021 with a loss planned loss of 27,364 € that was covered by dedicated reserves.

Previous savings enable increased level of activity

The pre­vi­ous finan­cial year end­ed with an unex­pend­ed sur­plus of 35.682 € allow­ing Board and Man­ag­ing Direc­tor to draw up an ambi­tious bud­get for 2021. The planned loss of 35.960 € enabled an increased lev­el of activ­i­ty in the fields of advo­ca­cy and projects on per­son­alised assess­ment and media edu­ca­tion. It also helped fund mem­ber involve­ment in new­ly estab­lished the­mat­ic work­ing groups on top­ics such as cur­ricu­lum devel­op­ment, upper schools or ped­a­gog­i­cal research.

2021 ends with smaller losses than expected

The small­er loss of 27,364 at the end of 2021 can be explained by a high­er income gen­er­at­ed from mem­ber­ship fees and projects, where­as over­all spend­ing on staff costs, oper­a­tions and activ­i­ties remained below bud­get­ed spend­ing lev­els. This also allowed for a real­lo­ca­tion of already bud­get­ed resources to run­ning projects.

Budget vs. Profit and Loss Statement

Income 2021

Bud­get 2021 Result 2021
Mem­ber­ship fees 167.000 Mem­ber­ship fees 169.830
ERASMUS Projects 0 ERASMUS Projects 1.700
Oth­er income 0 Oth­er Income 1.224
Total 167.000 Total 172.754

Expenses 2021

Bud­get 2021 Result 2021
Staff costs* 121.500 Staff costs* 119.821
ERASMUS Projects** 9.000 ERASMUS Projects** 23.058
Oper­a­tions and activities 74.460 Oper­a­tions and activities 57.240
Total 202.960 Total 200,119

Result 2021

Bud­get­ed result - 35.960 Result end 2021 - 27,364
* 2.5 full time equiv­a­lents; ** ERASMUS project on per­son­alised assess­ment and HERMMES project on ICT and Media Education.

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Georg Jürgens